134. Covering the Planet in Solar Panels, Fusion, Tesla Semi


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It's getting to be easier to find an EV charger in Manhattan than a gas station. Nissan's second EV is pricey! This Old House talks EV chargers in your home. Ford is actually making EVs you can and should buy.

Tesla semi has finally entered production, first deliveries to Pepsi Dec 1. Porsche is going public And how much space would solar panels take up to power the entire world? The Straight Pipes review an F150 Lightning and Out of Spec Reviews buys the cheapest EV in North America.

James gets soaked by the repair shop for a bearing job on his Nissan LEAF.

Tweet of the week!

From Carbon Tracker -- "With talk of solar panels & farmland - a reminder the land req'd for solar panels alone to provide *all global energy is 450,000 km2 or 0.3% of the global land area – less than the current land footprint of FossilFuel infrastructure."

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Hello, and welcome to episode 134 of the Clean Energy Show.

I'm Brian Stockton.

I'm James Woodingham.

This week, EV chargers outnumber gas stations ten to one in Manhattan.

Same ratios, rats to people.

Interesting, nissan has finally released pricing information for their Aria EV.

Said a Nissan spokesperson, we know James Winningham has a Nissan lease, so we wanted to make sure the Aria was out of his price range.

Canadian doctors exposed blatant green washing by the Canada Gas Association.

This after they turned to the left and coughed without being asked.

A former coal power plant has been selected as the site for a fusion energy project in the UK.

The power source of the past meets the power source of the never.

All that and more on this edition of the Clean Energy Show.

And also this week, Brian, we have the Tesla semi is finally entered into production, if you can believe it.

Pepsi, december 1.

So that's interesting.

Porsche is going public.

I didn't know they weren't.

And how much space would solar panels take up to power the entire world? How was your trip to BC? Yes, it was great.

So this is my first time on an airplane in about six years.

Yeah, the planes were all full.

Pretty much full.

Really? Massed or unmasked? I would say five to 10% mass.

That's it.

On a plane? Oh, God, yes.

So the restrictions in Canada just were lifted just at the start of the month, I think.

And, yeah, everyone's pretty much given up on it already, but so far I'm not sick, so we'll see how that goes.

But, yeah, first time on an airplane, it was weird to go back on a plane.

But, yeah, I went to BC, went to Whistler for a family function.

So we flew into Vancouver and a couple of things.

First of all, the Vancouver airport has these giant signs up about how they're going to be carbon neutral by 2030.

At the Vancouver Airport.

They have a specific plan, I guess, to do that.

I assume that doesn't include the airplane.

I assume not.

Maybe the toilets.

Yeah, a shuttle picked us up at the airport and drives us up to Whistler, which takes a couple of hours, but so you have to drive through Vancouver on the way to Whistler.


I just wanted to give an update because the last time I was in Vancouver was about two years ago when we talked about it then on the podcast.

And back then, two years ago, there were quite a few Teslas on the road in Vancouver.

The number now is insane.

Like, there are so many Teslas on the street in Vancouver.

I couldn't believe it.

Within two minutes of driving out of the airport, I'd seen a dozen Teslas.

end of excerpt

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