123. Exclusive: Wind Power Curtails Nuclear Power in Sweden


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Our prediction has come true: Wind, Solar and Batteries will outcompete Nuclear on cost which, in turn, makes Nuclear even more expensive.

The U.K heat records, Russia/Germany natural gas fight, how Canadian carbon tax rebates work (in the four provinces that did not come out with their own climate plan), who has the best climate reporting, the truck that claims my EV runs on fairy dust and unicorn piss and so much more!

The Onion has a piece entitled Americans Explain why they prefer gas over electric cars.

Is Tesla Model Y already best selling car in the world? An expert, who is a former high school classmate of Brian's thinks so!

The 1973 electric car in Seattle.

Using good news in the climate fight to forget about Joe Manchin.

Brian recalls a heatwave in Europe when he was there in 1994.

The Chevy Blazer EV is announced.

Joe Biden set to declare a climate emergency.

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