Supreme Court EPA, Korean Diesel Scandal, Cruise Confusion


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The Supreme Court rules against the environment but does it really have the power it thinks it has to destroy the world? Cruise robotaxies rebel against humans. Hyundai/Kia may have a dieselgate scandal of their own.

GM will reimburse owners of 2020-2022 Bolt EVs, although it's unclear if all owners will get the full $6,000. And the reimbursement program doesn't apply to Bolt EV leases.

Bloomberg highlighted the plight of an Uber driver who had the option of keeping her extremely common ICE vehicle, the Toyota Camry, or renting a Tesla Model 3.

A new study in the UK shows that 100% of new car buyers in the country are ready to go electric for the right price.

Wildfires from electrocuted birds.

Deleting Your Period Tracker? Don’t Forget That Your EV Tracks You, Too, says Cleantechnica.

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