#90: Reddit Readings | My Girlfriend Told Her Co-Workers We Are Cousins!


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What's up Wikimaniacs! We are back...well two of us are! Today Sean and Josh talk about a girlfriend who told her co-workers that her boyfriend is her cousin, a wife refuses to see or speak to her husband, a boyfriend finds out that the song he plays during sex is a major turnoff, and OP's sister demands that OP abort her baby!

After that we have Today in Wiki History where Sean takes us back to discuss JFK and some politics!

Let us know your thoughts!


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 04:10 - Reading Comments
  • 10:50 - Josh Has a Bone to Pick with Sean
  • 15:18 - Girlfriend Told Co-Workers We Are Cousins
  • 28:34 - TIFU My Wife Won't Speak to Me
  • 38:12 - TIFU Bad Sexy Music
  • 49:12 - Sister Demands OP Gets an Abortion
  • 01:05:32 - Today in Wiki History
  • 01:13:51 - Outro

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