Kash’s Corner: Durham Blasts FBI Corruption Despite Danchenko Acquittal


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In this episode of Kash’s Corner, we discuss Igor Danchenko’s acquittal of four counts of lying to the FBI and the strategy the defense used to win over the jury. Kash Patel reflects on the trial’s key takeaways and whether Americans should have any faith in the FBI moving forward.

“Now, thanks to John Durham, we know definitively that James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, and all the others at the FBI—Thibault, Auten, Somma—lied to a federal court, lied to the American public and intentionally—intentionally—did not do their jobs because they knew the answers to the questions about the Steele dossier, its source network, and its veracity would fail and would destroy their investigation,” says Kash Patel.

Are we living in a ‘post-truth’ America?

“These political witch hunts and prosecutions are very real, whether it’s January 6 or otherwise,” says Kash.

We also discuss the next steps for Durham, whether any corrupt FBI agents will be prosecuted, and what viewers can expect on the next season of Kash’s Corner.

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