Alain Robert - Famous Rock and Urban Climber - "The French Spider-Man”


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Alain Robert is a renowned rock climber and urban climber. Known as "the French Spider-Man” or "the Human Spider," Robert is famous for his free solo climbing, scaling skyscrapers using no climbing equipment except for a small bag of chalk and a pair of climbing shoes. Some of his most notable ascents include the Burj Khalifa, the Eiffel Tower, and the Sydney Opera House, as well as other of the world's tallest skyscrapers. He is also a motivational speaker and the author of With Bare Hands: The True Story of Alain Robert, the Real-life Spiderman.

“First of all, maybe being a little more concerned about global warming. But it's a huge task ahead because things are also - you know, I am living in Bali. It is the Developing World. So it means the quality of tuition is not, sometimes is not good enough. So kids, they are not really concerned, and they're totally unaware, and their parents are also unaware. So it means that in some parts of the globe, it'll take ages before people start to feel concerned. You know, we are having every year a day that is earlier and earlier, meaning that starting from July, we human beings have already used all the resources renewable human resources.

There is too much industry, too much of everything, actually. I remember when I was young, I was going to the - first of all, I was not even going to the supermarket because there wasn't one, there were only some small groceries. You could buy maybe there was one pack of chips. There was maybe two or three types of yogurts. Now there are 300 types of yogurts. There are 300 snacks. There is a balance in everything. So the more we are producing and the more we are destroying the planet. And if you want to stay alive, we need to protect the planet. That's why Red Indians, they call it Mother Earth."
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