Tales From Tech Support - Need coffee first


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***Tech learns that everyone should have their coffee before trying to solve any tech issues!

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Tales From Tech Support - Need coffee first

*** The Malicious Compliance video I spoke about https://youtu.be/8Bm0zVOMyaM

Today's stories are from the subreddit r/talesfromtechsupport

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Tales From Tech Support Stories

Welcome to r slash tales from tech support! Where we get to have a little chuckle at the technically (technologically) disadvantaged! (like me!) Today, I went digging into some really good r/talesfromtechsupport stories. Enjoy!

We narrate Funny (or at least ironic) Reddit Stories about Tales From Tech Support as well as other funny Reddit topics! Be sure to scroll down to check out some of our other playlists!

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These channels (and a few more) have been the inspiration to start my own channel! Love these guys!



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Disclaimer: All media, including but not limited to images and video, of persons in this video are for dramatization and creative use only and are not representative of the individuals, events, and happenings that are told in the #stories.

These stories are transformative dramatized retellings based on original stories shared by anonymous individuals from various Reddit.com subreddits and the subreddit r/talesfromtechsupport (as well as some stories plucked from the web) and do not relate to any known individual by Uncle Reddit or any associate of Uncle Reddit.

Tales From Tech Support - Need coffee first

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