Episode 63


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Many people struggle with climate anxiety - the feeling of distress, uncertainty and loss of control which is a natural reaction to the magnitude of the climate crisis and how apparently little our individual actions matter in fighting it. Climate anxiety highlights the enormous importance of the following question: what can an individual do that would actually make a real, tangible, measurable difference in the fight against climate change? We need action and a sense of achievement when facing seemingly intractable environmental problems. In this podcast, the Angry Clean Energy Guy shares five ways anyone can use to take climate action. These include announcing his new book, "Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit", in bookstores near you in September; as well as the launch of a platform he co-founded, Reneum.com, built to allow anyone to take tangible, transparent and measurable climate action by participating in a movement to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy worldwide.

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