The Future of Travel and Transport


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In season 2 of The Clean Energy Revolution podcast from National Grid, Max La Manna takes a look at the role energy plays in tackling the negative effects of climate change, and discovers how our world will be powered in the next 30 years.

This time Max is looking at transport; asking how travel is embracing clean, green and renewable energy.

We all know that change is happening around us. So how do we get on-board? And how long will it be before planes, ships, cars and vans are all clean and green?

EVs (electric vehicles) continue to grow in popularity.But is the infrastructure ready to support your commute, your road trips, your family holidays?

To find out, we join a convoy of 50 electric vehicles on the Great British EV rally. Electric vans, cars, HGVs and trucks are driving 1300km from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Paul and Frankie Clifton are making the journey for us, to test the charging stations to the limit. Is the UK ready for mass EV adoption?

We discuss the latest developments in the US, where a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill has just been passed.Will it mean that EV pickups and SUVs will be able to drive coast to coast? Rishi Sondhi from National Grid gives us the latest.

And what about the future of flight? Engineer Dr Shini Somara visits Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, to get inside the planes of the future –aircraft being converted to hydrogen power. These planes will produce zero harmful emissions, and they’ll be with us in just a couple of years.Shini meets Director of Engineering Rob Marsh, and Chief Strategy Officer Jenny Kavanagh.

Finally, at Rockingham Racecourse we meet people testing out the performance and handling of electric cars and vans.Amongst them, President of the AA (Automobile Association)Edmund King, and National Grid’s Fleet Manager Lorna McAtear.

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If you want to use cleaner energy for charging your EV or using your home appliances, National Grid’s When To Plug In app ( tells you when the electricity coming into your home will be at its cleanest. (Available in the UK only)

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