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Two or three times a day, every day, for most of your life, you use toothpaste. But what’s in it? Is it actually good for you? And why is there a scary label on the back warning you not to swallow it? If you want to know the answers to these questions and more about toothpaste, nine out of 10 dentists (might very well) recommend this episode!

Welcome to Skeptical Sunday, a special edition of The Jordan Harbinger Show where Jordan and fact-checker, comedian, and podcast host David C. Smalley break down a topic that you may have never thought about, open things up, and debunk common misconceptions.

Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/672

On This Week's Skeptical Sunday, We Discuss:

  • If toothpaste is supposedly safe enough to put in your mouth three times a day, why is there a warning to call your local poison control center if you happen to swallow it?
  • Fluoride can strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of cavities, but too much exposure can cause problems from bone disease to certain cancers. So why is it in most toothpaste and 70% of our drinking water, and how is it regulated?
  • What sneaky loophole allows toothpaste manufacturers to bypass the legal disclosure of certain ingredients in their products that might cause us to think twice about using them?
  • What are some of these rarely listed ingredients, and what are the hazards of using them?
  • How can we keep our teeth and gums clean and healthy without exposing ourselves to potential toxins?
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