🎧 #114: Decarbonized Buildings Require Better Energy Modeling Tools


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“I don't know as much as a tax consultant by a long shot, but for most cases with TurboTax, 90% of the cases, I was good. The 10% of the cases, I'm definitely not good and I will need a tax consultant and all of that good stuff. That was really what I wanted to build for the energy modeling community, where for the 90% of the cases we can get pretty darn close."

—Sandeep Ahuja

My Highlights

  • cove.tool today (4:11)
  • Building a successful sustainability consulting firm (9:47)
  • Selling to architects (17:15)
  • The difference between early-stage models and detailed later-stage models (24:35)
  • Key products and features and why they’re important (30:06)
  • Including costs in energy modeling (34:25)
  • How electrification is made easier with an energy model (44:42)
  • Carveouts (46:29)

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