Can Sugary Beverage Taxes Improve Public Health?


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This episode of The Princeton Pulse explores the effectiveness of levies on sugar-sweetened beverages, comparing experiences from South Africa and Philadelphia. Sometimes called soda or sugar taxes, they are used as a policy tool to address rising rates of obesity and other non-communicable diseases, and the related social and economic costs.

Studies show that drinking too much sugar contributes to obesity and increases risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. With that evidence in mind, more than 45 countries have implemented sugary beverage taxes on a national or subnational level. The taxes are designed to reduce demand for the beverages, promoting healthier choices and ultimately better health. At the same time, the levies can generate revenue to support other aspects of community health and wellbeing.
Do these taxes actually make people healthier? Can a regressive tax be progressive in its design and impact? Host Heather Howard, a Princeton University professor and former NJ Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, addresses these issues with Dr. Karen Hofman, a pediatrician and research professor at the University of Witwatersrand, who helped South Africa become the first Sub-Saharan African country to implement this kind of tax; and Dwayne Wharton, a health equity advocate behind Philadelphia’s beverage tax.
They explore lessons learned from public health interventions in multiple jurisdictions, including policy design questions, equity considerations, and the role of research in policy development.
Learn more about Dr. Hofman’s work:
Evidence That a Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages Reduces the Obesity Rate: A Meta-Analysis
Daily Maverick: Karen Hofman, the Professor Leading the Fight for Healthy Eating Choices
Read an article by Dwayne Wharton:
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Opinion | Tax on Sugary Beverages is a Good Thing

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