Episode 56 - Avery Man For Himself; Henry Avery the Pirate part 1


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Silly Me Timber Mates!

The Silly History Buoys are back with another ration of nautical naughtiness!

It’s the scurvy tale of Henry Avery/Every the man they call the ‘Pirate King’

Why do they call him that?

Is it because he has a Las Vegas residency and a penchant for hamburgers? *

Join Avery and his crew of silly pirates on their quest for personal freedom, self determination and lots of money!

The Cape of Death, Vengeful Ghost Ships and Horrible Dutch accents await you on ‘The Pirate Round’ the most lethal sea route in the 17th century!

An extra ration of rum and a lick of the cat for for ZapSplat for all their zaps and splats and music

Scott Buckley is permitted shore leave in the next port of ill repute for his tootling!

Outrageous plank walking fiddling by Kofi Young

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