Episode 57 - Avery Seadog Has It’s Day; Henry Avery the Pirate part 2


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Silly Me Timbers AGAIN Mates!

Following the following sea that was Henry Avery part one...its Henry Avery part two!

Have the crew of silly pirates bitten off more than they can chew as they try and rob....The Grand Mughal fleet?

How much cannon smoke and people falling in the water will it take to win the wrestle the greatest treasure in history from its rightful owners?

And even if they can get the glitter, will the Pirates live to spend it?

Join those silliest and most salty of Boys for more man hunts, musket smoke and people saying YAAAAARGH!

Drink up me hearties yo ho!

Promotion to official ships DJ to Daniel Bradley Music for his performance of Health to the Company!

An extra ration of rum and a lick of the cat for for ZapSplat for all their zaps and splats and music

Scott Buckley is permitted shore leave in the next port of ill repute for his tootling!

Outrageous plank walking fiddling by Kofi Young

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