30: The Argument For Sleep


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We’re all in a race for time (or, we were before we found ourselves stuck at home, perhaps…) and the disease of busy-ness and being overscheduled isn’t even relegated to the Western world anymore. (I should know, I live in South Asia!)

We are a slave to our overbooked schedules, our pursuit of success, other’s expectations, and our kids’ extracurriculars. We may do things because we think we should, then lose sleep over it, wake up early and/or stay up late in an attempt to accomplish them.

The “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” philosophy costs us much more than, well, sleep! You’ve heard that we should aim for 8 hours of sleep. According to the CDC, the average American sleeps fewer than 7 hours a night, and almost half of us sleep fewer than six hours per night.

In today's episode, I lay out the argument for sleep, which has been well-document and earnestly written about by Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post.



PS: Can you hear my family making a ruckus in the background? Geesh!

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