Xbox Claims PlayStation Pays Developers to Block Game Pass l Cult of the Lamb Review l Spider Man Remastered Steam Deck Impressions


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In this week's episode of The Trophy Room A PlayStation Podcast hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about how Microsoft has clapped back at PlayStation's answer from the Brazilian Regulators questionare. Xbox claims that PlayStation is paying for exclusive games, deals, and paying developers and publishers to block Xbox Game Pass fees. Xbox clarifies that Call of Duty Franchise is not going to be on Xbox Exclusive instead with stay on PlayStation platforms including PS4 and PS5. We're talking about Square Enix is looking to sell stakes in some of its studios that may see Tencent, Nexon, and PlayStation interested in purchasing and aquiring some studios and IPs. Will from the MegaDads comes on to share his review thoughts with Cult of the Lamb and as well as Joe shares his thoughts on SPider-Man Remastered PC impressions on the Valve Steam Deck.

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