60. General American


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Well howdy pardner! For this episode we’ve got the world’s leading expert on the General American accent to describe its features, talk us through common mistakes people make when learning it and help us figure out how to adjust for age, gender and ethnicity. We also hear from a bunch of fantastic, real-life American voiceovers about their experiences with using it, and even a little bit about the psychological impact of conforming to a geographically non-specific standard.

Find out more about Rebecca Gausnell here, including a page where you can buy her book, Mastering The American Accent: https://www.gausnell.com

Here’s the American dialect website Rebecca mentions: https://aschmann.net/AmEng/

Thank you so much to our lovely contributors:

Anna Klein https://www.annakleinactor.com/

Robynne Orr https://www.vororr.com/

Thomas Wynn https://www.thethomaswynn.com/voice-acting

Zara Hannaford https://zarahannaford.com/

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