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Fido, mittens, you know who I'm talking The precious animals who share the space in your home, you come home to after a hard day's work, and they're there to greet you. As long as it's a cat, they don't care. But the dogs love you. At least, I think so.
But when they're gone, what happens to them?
Today's podcast is with Rob Gutro, Author/Pet Medium/Paranormal Investigator, one of the world's leaders in pet mediumship.
Rob's Books on "Pets and the Afterlife 1,2 and 3; Case Files of Inspired Ghost Tracking, Kindred Spirits: How a Medium Befriended a Spirit: Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead; Ghosts and Spirits: Explained; and Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation, Ghosts and Spirits: Explained; ON AMAZON:

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