Square Enix and the Crystal Cannibals | Triangle Squared Ep. 272


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As we all know, Square Enix recently announced it's plans to sell Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and much of it's western development studios and IP to Embracer Group. Many assumed that this was due to a mix of Marvel's Avengers underperforming combined with an assumed effort to trim the fat to better prime the remainder of the company to an interested party, with Sony at the forefront of that assumed list. Well, recently it was reported that Square Enix feared that these studios were "cannibalizing" sales from their rest of their studios and that by selling them they could be more efficient with their capital. Could that still mean that Square is looking to sell, or does their renewed interest in doubling down on their very successful Japanese games and developers show that they may be looking to remain independant? We share our thoughts on this, Multiversus' first season pass, Modern Warfare II's beta dates and early access, Marvel's Midnight Sun delaying in what is likely response to God of War: Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part I, Lara Croft's next adventure sounding surprisingly dirty from its vague synopsis and more! Join us on Triangle Square: A PlayStation Podcast!

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