#41 UiPath - HOW ROBOTS CAN CHANGE OUR WORK-LIFE BALANCE. THE FUTURE OF RPA with Vargha Moayed, Chief Strategy Officer and Andrei Roth, Head of Transylvania Campus


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UPGRADE 100 with Dragos Stanca (RO + EN)

Guests: Vargha Moayed - Chief Strategy Officer & Andrei Roth - Head of Transylvania Campus, UiPath.

> How and why UiPath became "overnight" (so to speak...) a leader in the world of tech

> What jobs are threatened by RPA - Robotic Process Automation - and what impact this phenomenon will have on our lives

> Why more than 400 employees will be fired, although the total number of people working at UiPath is + 50% vs. the beginning of 2019

> The UiPath Automation Awards was launched: why the company wants to invest in new startups focused on RPA, active in the CEE

> Q&A from the audience ...and more

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