#66 Seven trends that will reshape the future - with Ashley Benigno, FJORD


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Our guest at UPGRADE 100 Live & Podcast is Ashley Benigno, our UPGRADE 100 Festival former star speaker and the group director of FJORD – a global company focused on design and innovation aquired by Accenture back in 2013.

Ashley – apart from being a great speaker and a global tech personality –> you can re-check his presentation anytime in our UPGRADE 100 Virtual Festival platform and remember his story featured here - is a digital pioneer and a creative leader with more than 20 years of global experience at the intersection of design, innovation and branding.

With a background in both consultancy and client-side, Ashley has a track record in successfully designing & launching innovative brands & services in over 80 countries across the globe.

Every year, FJORD is crowdsourcing trends for the future from their network of 1,200 people in 33 studios worldwide. Here it is - an updated edition after the COVID 19 pandemic that deserves your full attention.

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