46 Working ON Your Business - What Do I Do?


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"Work on your business, not in it" - we've all heard it.
Well, firstly, as edu business owners, this isn't a rule. We often have to work in our businesses, so don't let generic phrases like this make you feel any less of a business person.
BUT, that doesn't take anything away from the value of working on your business, and as we mentioned in our Dec roundtable discussion (free in my FB group), the downtimes are the perfect opportunity to do just that.
In this episode, I unpack how you can use quieter periods in your business to:

  • Figure out how you can streamline and automate to save time during busier periods
  • Strategic plans to grow or scale your business (or planning a new way of working)
  • Planning ways to reduce your workload without compromising on income
  • Creating things that enrich your existing business

Enjoy :-)
- Sumantha
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