A Story about Ogre | Little Thumb | Mother Goose Fairytale (I)


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When it comes to spooky stories, we often think of strange creatures living in the deep forests, unknown mysteries hidden in abandoned hourses, dangers lingering in the darkness in the woods....

It is Halloween today in Canada. Children are dressed up with their favorite costumes, going out knocking door to door to "trick or treat". We see every house creatively decorated with ghost themes: a human hand sticking out from the grass, witches and spiders, bats, monsters and wolves howling.

My early memories of spooky stories were about all ghosts. When I was a toddler, my father and my grandmother used to tell ghost stories, in the living room, after dinner time. Me and my brother and sister would hold our blankets, wide-eyed, listening to the stories, so quietly. Interestingly, ghosts in oriental culture are conceived in a much more serious way. We would worship spirits on the "ghost day" and avoid going out to catch anything unwanted on July 7, on the lunar calendar, the spirit day.

Spooky stories do not seem to be out of fashion overtime. When I amtrying to find a tale that is scarry, chidren friendly and classic, I am glad to find "Little Thumb" from Mother Goose Fairytale book.

The bad guy in the tale is mainly the Ogre. I also think the parents are no so good either. The hero? Little thumb, a brave and smart little boy. Let's take a listen to the story!

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