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Family, group, clique or tribe prestige and civic honor. Proud, dignified aspiration. Noble behavior, decorum. Obsession with social importance. Joining others on a journey or quest. Knowing how to take turns as the leader of a small group vs. blindly following. Fulfilling obligations to family or friends vs. taking off with a new group. Commitment and trustworthiness versus flings and spontaneous fun. Camaraderie, group cohesion. Focused cooperation, support, action, and agreement. Cosmic order structuring individual behavior into patterns, rhythms, choreography. Migration, seasonal change, natural cues to either rest or get up and go. Resistance to peer pressure, doing your own thing even if it's in conflict with the current milieu or established order. Being lost vs. finding your own way. Sacrificing for the good of the family, seeking security and protecting the group. Excellent parental instincts. Good husband or head of the household. Eagles, geese, swans, ducks. Birds of a feather flock together.

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