Sagittarius 24


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Despair or hope. The choice between optimism or pessimism. Being your own worst enemy versus aiming for happiness and good luck. Recognizing when opportunity knocks. A positive attitude and constructive thought patterns versus self created disaster and misery. Self harm or suicide versus opening oneself to help. A sense of epic meaninglessness versus a satisfaction from small things. Cutting off a mindset, behavior, or relationship that does not serve your self interest. Looking, hoping for, or resigning oneself to catastrophe. Doomerism, negativity. Unfortunate relationships and impossibly high expectations or ambitions. Molting and mourning a past identity or way of life. Looking for the little message of happiness at home or in your everyday life. Moving on from self blame to a productive mindset. A need to stop listening to critical, elaborate philosophies or ideologies and to open your perception to buoyant messages: finding joy in the simple, practical, and immediate. Find beauty and inspiration in nature. Good luck is just around the corner.

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