What MARR Provided That Other Centers Couldn't


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“Don’t walk, but RUN away from me!” That’s what Josh K. said to his fiancée when he saw he could not stop his own self-destruction. He even tried treatment at a few different places, but nothing seemed to stick. It was not until he checked into MARR for long-term treatment in 2005 that things started to change. For one, he slowed down long enough to begin to be present. He learned how to recognize and peacefully resolve daily tensions and conflicts by living in close quarters with other men. He was able to let himself be fully seen by the counseling staff. And perhaps most importantly, he encountered the healing power of genuine humility, witnessing the transformation of other clients. “I was in treatment with a neurosurgeon who was working this menial job and working through all the emotions that came with that.” Almost 17 years later, Josh remains a vital part of the MARR community, staying in touch with several of the men he came into treatment with. This is his story. You can contact us at communications@marrinc.org.

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