Why is it so hot and how can we adapt?


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It's hot! But is it too hot to handle? The UK and Europe are experiencing the highest summer temperatures yet which has caused wildfires, infrastructure problems and hundreds of deaths. So how do we adapt to climate change? Nexus speaks to Alice Hill, a Climate Risk Analyst who advised President Barack Obama - she says climate change beliefs are divided along political party lines. Ella Gilbert, a Climate Scientist says climate change is making heatwaves more intense, Ashley Heeren is an architect that focuses on adapting buildings to deal with the heat and she says 3D printing will transform the construction industry, while Mick Pearce is all about bio-mimicry and created a 'self cooling' building in Zimbabwe. They both say we have to turn to nature! And Dr Saud Ghani - known as ‘Dr Cool’ - is the man responsible for the air conditioned stadiums that will be enjoyed by fans at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in November.

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