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Keeping kosher seems like it gets more burdensome over time. It's not that true kashrut has changed, but rather Rabbi's and kashrut organizations continue to raise the bar. But, is raising the bar a good thing? Is it that our ancestors were ignorant to the laws of kashrut? Or is it the fact that kashrut has become a business? Certifying toilet paper should tell us we have gone way too far.
Here I give you the real deal. No smoke and mirrors. The pre-kashrut business and also what was once a kashrut issue may have changed because circumstances have changed.
Most of all, on University campuses and different areas of the US and abroad don't have the same available Kosher products one might have in a place like Brooklyn, NY. This creates a problem for many and we must cater to those who need to truly know what is and what is not kosher. Otherwise, we risk them giving it all up and feeling that keeping kosher is too burdensome.
We must return to the origins of our ancestors, who did not have the same availability as we have in some places. Most rabbis end up catering to those who already take for granted having dozens of kosher restaurants and unlimited products available. Do we simply preach to the choir, or deal with the struggle that is real.
In addition, those who have that access may find themselves in a tough position when on a business trip, vacation, emergencies, and even working for Teach For America or Doctors Without Borders and so many more.

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