May 29, 2022 - More Butt Cam!


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Okay, look - the audio is TERRIBLE. We thought we could record outside of the theater after the PPV, then the wind kicked up and the Drunken Crab had what we can only assume was a jet engine on out front and well … we wouldn't hold it against you if you skipped this episode.

But Double or Nothing was still a great show. We don’t usually thumb PPVs because they’re so damn good - if we did, it would definitely be in the Must Watch range. But we had Kevin Decent, Mike Solko, and Purple and Black Attack send us thumbs and combined, their thumbs averaged out to an 80% show, which is still worth watching.

Everyone agreed that Rosa/Deeb was the match of the night. Everyone agreed that the show was SO GODDAMN LONG. And everyone agreed that AE Double Back is the best wrestling podcast recorded in front of the AMC Burbank 16 between the hours of 10p and midnight in the month of May, so suck it “Dy-no-mite! The Jimmie ‘JJ’ Walker AEW Recap Podcast”! We’re number one!

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