211: Perfect Time to Write a Novel with Steve Vannoy and Azul Terronez


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The concept for a three-book fiction series came about during FaceTime visits with our parents in West Virginia. We always kept in touch this way even as we traveled around the world, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, we talked more frequently.

Steve Vannoy, my husband and partner in “Authors Who Lead,” says of those conversations, “It always seemed like my dad would want to tell a story.” We felt like we could honor his stories and his storytelling by writing a series of fiction books memorializing his life and the place he grew up in.

If you haven’t already heard Episode 186 and Episode 193 of “Authors Who Lead,” you should go back and listen to the start of our fiction journey. On today’s episode of “Authors Who Lead,” Steve and I talk about how the series is going now that we are starting to write book three and about the new Fiction with Purpose group program we designed to take others through the journey of writing a fiction book.
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