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Edie Carey's last solo full length album was in 2010 (holy smokes!), so we are more than ready to dig into her new record The Veil, encompassing themes like motherhood, infertility, love, being a lady while raising a girl and all the things that make you cry in your cereal. Edie first appeared on Basic Folk on episode 18 and if you haven't, you should listen. Not only does she talk about her history, but she very openly details her experience with infertility, including winning her son in a raffle (TLDR: her husband won a free IVF treatment at an infertility conference, which then turned into their son Luca). In this conversation, Edie and I go track by track on her new album, which is a JOY because #1 I love Edie's songs and #2 I love Edie. A winning combo.

These days, Edie is residing in Colorado Springs, working with area musicians, touring occasionally (when Covid is not raging) and raising her two young kids. Something that's extraordinary about Edie is that she is not afraid of saying things out loud that most people are. She experienced burn-out after her first baby was born, longed for her pre-baby life and felt guilty about it. The good news is that she turns emotions like this into fully formed songs where people can see themselves through her experience and then be okay with talking about hard things. Enjoy this conversation, Edie is so fun and inspiring!

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