Live at Techonomy (4/4)! polySpectra: Raymond Weitekamp


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Raymond Weitekamp, Founder and CEO of polySpectra, on moving towards massless:

“PolySpectra A.R. is our new augmented reality tool to give massless prototypes to people in product development. The massless mission is to leverage distributed digital manufacturing to reduce global energy usage by 25% by 2050.”

Using the world’s most rugged photopolymer resins, Raymond’s company is also helping engineers print end-use components that actually hold up, reducing waste by lasting longer and being more viable for actual use.

Raymond received an AB in chemistry from Princeton and continued his education at CalTech where he worked in labs with Professor Bob Grubbs and Professor Harry Atwater. He invented a component for a polymer that can be light-activated and creates tough 3D-printed materials, and has been recognized in Forbes’ 30 under 30.

🥃 What we drank during the episode: Madre Mezcal

Enjoy the show!

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