Ep #95: What Got You Here?


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In previous episodes Dr. Kashey talked about the 3 different external interaction systems: the environment, the social system and the human system. Today, Dr Kashey focuses on the 3 internal systems: your beliefs, your decisions, and your urges. Dr. Kashey explains how these internal systems interact with one another, and how they contribute to influencing what you do. This is important because what you do ultimately affects whether, and how, you either solve your problems, or make them worse when you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or discouraged. Most people and programs tend to focus on understanding where problems originated from. Dr. Kashey believes that a better solution is to gain an understanding of what makes the same problems arise again and again, because gaining an understanding of the central mechanism that maintains the problems is the first step to taking concrete actionable steps to resolve them so that you can achieve your goals.

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