Episode 191- Tables They Turn Sometimes with guest Rhettmatic


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Where we're from, in the Bay Area of California, DJ culture is ingrained in our experience of hip-hop. Legend has it that sometime in the ate 90's, turntables began to outsell guitars. I've never been able to see any kind of documentation on that apocryphal stat, but if it's true then a lot of those turntables must have been sold in a 50-mile radius from San Francisco. We grew up seeing DJs at school, talent shows, battle, house parties, basically everywhere. When the so-called Turntablism era popped off, we were paying close attention. Our guest this week, Rhettmatic, was a participant in that important time in hip-hop culture where the DJ took center stage as party rocker, musician, band member, and much more. Rhett is a member of The World Famous Beat Junkies and The Visionaries and has been around music and hip-hop his whole life. On the show he schools us on the history of LA hip-hop, talks about his long career, and about the Beat Junkies DJ School and record pool and much more. DBRP is the broken light on the otherwise perfectly working Technics 1200 of Stony Island Audio.

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