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Aceste caracteristici pentru Band 9 ale părții de scriere în limba engleză sunt folosite doar de scriitori avansați, dar le puteți învăța și tu cu ușurință. Folosiți-le în eseurile IELTS Writing Task 2 pentru a vă îmbunătăți scorul gramatical.

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Stop saying ‘very’ -

The short overview of the video for you in the future 👀 ✅Tip #1. Make your language softer. If you're too direct, it sounds rude. Ways to make your language softer: 🟨 Option #1. modal verbs (should, could, might, may). Note: modal verbs are considered to be a complex grammatical structure -> extra points 😊 📣Examples Direct: "Banning cars from city centers WILL alleviate the problem of air pollution". Soft: "Banning cars from city centers MIGHT alleviate the problem of air pollution." Direct: "Some people consider physical education at school unnecessary." Soft: "Some people MIGHT consider physical education at school TO BE unnecessary." 🟨 Option #2. Use verbs "seem" and "appear" to make your language softer 📣Examples: - IT APPEARS THAT, at some point, diesel cars were considered to be more environmentally friendly than cars with petrol engines. - IT WOULD BE SEEM THAT no action needs to be taken. ✅Tip #2. Use inversion. The inversion is used for emphasizing, dramatic purpose of formality. Inversion structure: adverb + auxiliary/modal verb + subject + verb. Adverbs for the inversion: never, seldom, rarely, scarcely, hardly, only, little, nowhere, not. 📣Examples: - Inversion: "NEVER HAVE the results of global warming BEEN more apparent". Normal: "The results of global warming HAVE NEVER BEEN more apparent". In this example, the emphasis is on "never". - Inversion: "ONLY by studying extremely hard CAN students achieve excellent grades". Normal: "Students CAN ONLY achieve excellent grades by studying extremely hard." ✅Tip #3. Place adverbs within the verb. It's better for formal writing. Linking words should attract as little attention as possible. Location of adverbs: Before the main verb, but after an auxiliary or modal. 📣 Examples: - "The rainwater is collected into a large reservoir. THEN it's filtered". Better: "The filtered rainwater is THEN collected." - "Excessive use of fossil fuels contributes to global warming. HOWEVER, there may be other reasons for climate change". Better: "There may, HOWEVER, be other reasons for climate change" ✅Tip #4. Avoid using very

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