Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/2/23


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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, WREC radio host Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. Hunter Biden and his attorneys have admitted the laptop from hell belongs to him, and now they want anyone sharing the contents of the laptop to go to jail. The media is also covering for President Biden and trying to change the narrative as well, lying about there being no incriminating evidence tied to Joe and the entire Biden crime family. The White House is claiming there is no there there, and zero evidence of any wrongdoing of the President on Hunter’s laptop, just as House Republicans are beginning to ramp up their investigation. Also, Ilhan Omar is claiming she was kicked off of the House Foreign Affairs committee because she is an immigrant. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez threw a tantrum on the House floor, slamming her notebook and whining about Republicans targeting women of color. We have real problems in this country and they continue to play the race and gender cards because that’s all they have left. It is clear that Omar cannot be trusted and belongs nowhere near any House committee. Later, Senator Ted Cruz calls in to discuss the illegal Chinese abduction and detention of American citizen Mark Swidan.

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