🎧 Power of Place Episode #30 | Storied Sidewalks – Susanna Ryan


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Join us in this episode for a conversation with Instagram phenom Susanna Ryan, author of the Seattle Walk Report Series; Seattle Walk Report an Illustrated Walking Tour Through 23 Seattle Neighborhoods (2019) and Secret Seattle, An Illustrated Guide to the City’s Offbeat and Overlooked History (2021). Susanna's distinctive comic style and eagle eye illustrate the charming and quirky people, places, and things that define Seattle’s neighborhoods. Her wide-ranging observations infuse pedestrian experiences with the possibility of discovery and wonder—and an expanded connection to the world as we pass through it. In this episode Susanna will also field questions from local children—all avid readers of Seattle Walk Report. “Through Seattle Walk Report and through being just more open and present with what is, it’s changed how I see the world completely; and how I see my own life—and my own Journey. It’s all Journey; never destination. This comic has changed how I see everything.” ~ Susanna Ryan

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