#129: Who Can Make War Against the Beast


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(Recorded on 17 Apr 2021) We now continue our discussion and deconstruction of the Book of Revelation. Last time we spoke about the head that was wounded. We saw that, at the cross, Jesus crushed the head of the serpent; 1 but we saw that in the strategy of Satan, he was able to reboot his influence amongst believers. The first major attempt of this kind was having Constantine approve the church as the church of the Roman Empire. Even when the classic Roman Empire ended, the empire was rebooted as the Holy Roman Empire by the time of Charlemagne, around AD 800-actually, Charlemagne was crowned king of the Holy Roman Empire on Christmas day, AD 800. Charlemagne, by the way, was the grandson of Charles Martel and was the second emperor of the Carolingian dynasty that replaced the Merovingian dynasty that had been in existence in France at the time. He, at the invitation of the pope, came to the Vatican on Christmas day, 800, and was crowned emperor of ...
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