#144: The Name of the Beast


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(Recorded on 26 May 2021) In discussing the name of the beast, once again I want to point out that we have been told all sorts of nonsense about the name of the beast. How many times have you heard people wondering if"¦? I remember when I was young, at the time the Secretary of State's name was Henry Kissinger, and he was very famous. The whispers in the evangelical circles were whether or not Henry Kissinger was the name of this antichrist person. Before that I actually heard someone suggest-and these are how things get started in church circles, because you have children leading children, the blind leading the blind-when John Kennedy had been shot in the head in Dallas, conspiracy theories of that time said he really was not dead. That his wife, who subsequently married Aristotle Onassis, had taken him to one of the Greek islands, and he was seen recovering. Because it was sure that John Kennedy was the beast who had been wounded. ...
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