#147: Nebuchadnezzar and the Spirit of Babylon


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(Recorded on 07 Jul 2021) The jealousy of Cain manifested in the murder of his brother Abel is a spirit that is carried through, throughout the Scriptures. We see the fullness of it reaching its apogee with the harlot-the spirit of Babylon who rides upon the beast and drinks the blood of the saints.1 The harlot is a pretended bride. It does not have the intimacy that is derived from oneness with a husband. The harlot pretends to be a bride by engaging in the same sexual acts as a bride might, but her heart remains separate. It is a monetary transaction. It is very much like offering the fruit of your labor in the hope of being acceptable to God. It is the spirit of religion-it is what it is; it is not anything else. Now, as it moves through history, it takes on mass and weight. As I said, the reason it is three sixes (666) is that the matter is established beyond controversy. When the thing arises three times, you ought to know and recognize it after the first time. When you are discerning, when you are ...
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