Best Films of 2021


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In a year when cinemas remain closed for the first few months, we did once again worry we wouldn't have that much to talk about when it came to the Best Films of 2021, and once again we were wrong. Because film found a way, with many memorable releases making it onto cinema screens as well as on the increasing variety of streaming services.

To celebrate that, and all things film, Chris Ward, Wesley Shearer, and Ali reunite for their annual chat about their favourite movies of the year.

Picking five each, they share their enthusiasm for films you may have missed first time around, and we’re sure you’ll find something to tickle your fancy.

They talk about films during lockdown, this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, returning to cinemas (or not!), directors old and new, documentaries, new drama, musicals, the cinema vs home viewing, and a whole lot more.

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