Insurance Basics & Avoiding Mistakes (Pt 1 of 2) with Vincent Spinosa and Pritesh Patel


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In this podcast, Vince Spinosa and Pritesh Patel engage in a lively panel and setup objective, in-depth assessment of what #LifeInsurance is, #KeyConcepts to understand, differences, and #InsuranceFAQ that people continue to have. Additionally, their shrewd insight on how Insurance and #SmartFinancialManagement play a critical role in #FinancialLiteracy is a must listen! With a combined 30+ years of experience in finance & insurance industry as wealth management advisors at Spinosa Financial Group, Vince and Pritesh provide great understanding through easy-to-absorb examples.

Check out Part 2 (coming next week) of this pod where we tackle topics like Insurance Needs of Kids & Age Consideration, Mistakes/Pitfalls to Avoid, and other deep-dives!

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