The Clean Energy Revolution


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In Season 2 of The Clean Energy Revolution podcast, Max La Manna takes a look at the role energy plays in tackling the negative effects of climate change.

As countries around the world aim to reach net zero emissions, Max discovers how the world will be powered in the next 30 years as we work towards a future that doesn't contribute to global warming.

Along the way we’ll meet inspiring people who are embracing new technology to make their lives, homes and businesses cleaner and greener, as well as the experts developing the technology, who explain how our lives will be transformed and how we can get involved.

From the electricity we use in our homes and offices, to our transport, shops, schools, hospitals and factories, the energy we use to fuel our everyday life is getting greener and cleaner.

National Grid has a crucial role to play, as they supply energy to homes across the UK and the Northeast United States - meaning they’re at the heart of connecting all of us to a greener future.

Are you ready to be part of the revolution? Join Max for your definitive guide to the net zero energy transition.

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