The Kashmir Podcast with Ifat Gazia


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Contemporary crises in 2020 have highlighted deep-rooted inequities and injustice in our world. Yet, there is a place that remains in shadow - cloaked behind a veil of miseducation and colonial violence. This place is Kashmir. Have you heard of Kashmir? Do you know where this valley- once known for its beauty, culture and craftsmanship and now for being the world’s most densely militarized land- is? Do you know how it’s eight million people live?The Kashmir Podcast will delve into the everyday lives of Kashmiris, bringing you first-hand perspectives on their daily struggles & battles for justice, and stories of resistance and resilience in a fight against occupation and colonization. In 2020, Ifat Gazia will bring you a curation of stories that reflect the meaning of living and working in Kashmir. Shedding light on this shadowed place, breaking the silence of colonial oppression, The Kashmir Podcast invites those who stand in the fight for justice to see their aspirations reflected in the people of Kashmir. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. The story of Kashmir has to be told.

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