Episode 60 - Fight The Powder! The Gunpowder Plot part 3


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Light that fuse! It's the silly boys (non) Explosive final chapter of The Gunpowder Plot!

Will Robert Catesby get that Catholic England he so badly craves? (no)

Will Guido Fawkes be able to get the smell of smoke & carnage out of his clothes? (no need to worry about that Guy - you won't be able to use your hands!)

Will boar hunting be ruined for King James? (I don't know if he even hunted Boar. It was probably Deer or Conspiracy Theories)

The future of England will turn on the contents of this show dear listener.

Musket fire, chops and plops (plus the music!) by those dirty traitors over at ZapSplat

Doug Maxwell's head is on a spike for the use of his track Renaissance Castle

An unmarked grave is on offer for Lord Fast Fingers for the intro music and another lick or two

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