Capricorn 2


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Damage to a sacred space. A structure with a strong foundation that is undergoing bombardment. Beauty versus brute force. A need to protect meaningful objects and places from people with a destructive mentality without a sense of vision or pride. Values, ideology, or belief system under siege, which will either be destroyed entirely or persist through the hard work of repair and healing. The disruptive consequences of war. Principals that are shaken or shattered. Energy and effort wasted through conflict or violence. Shattered faith, hope and trust. Fearfulness Religious conflict, ultra-conservatism, an embattled ideological position. A sense of safety and security demolished. Seeking sanctuary. A gift for creating or performing in sublime architecture. Commemoration of difficult historical moments through sacred antiques. A vacillating individual wrestling with the winds of fate, who may either fall away into negation or seize power and rebuild their legacy. Someone who has been weakened or traumatized who need to reorient and persevere. A need for persistent hard work and confidence rather than inconsequential and jerky efforts. Culture, art and traditions subjected to war and hardship that will either survive or fall to dust.

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