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The shelter of depth, commitment, reciprocity, and interdependence in community relationships. Enlisting the service of others, helpfulness. Individual fulfillment through common enterprises, a foundation of goodwill. Construction, cooperation, shared goals, joint efforts, a higher purpose, collective experiences, collective memories. The contributions of many accomplishing difficult projects. Achievement of great things by a group. Light is the task where many share the toil. Assigning everyone a suitable job. Togetherness, participation, and working in concert versus disillusion, retreat into solitude and contemplation outside the confines of complex and faulty group dynamics. Lending neighbors a hand, hard labor for the common good. Generosity made possible by collective human and material resources. The rewards of a stable society where all individuals are valued, versus the shaky uncertainties and dangers of a society where some are excluded, undermined or persecuted. Real estate, building houses, or social structures. Denying or granting assistance, feast or famine. Ascetics and the homeless or unhoused versus valued, well-resourced citizens or insiders. Learning how to ask for and how to give support.

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