#24 Alexander Stylianoudis, Head of Legal & Finance - What Does It Mean to Be Fully Remote as a Legal Professional?


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Listen to Alexander Stylianoudis, Head of Legal & Finance at GooseChase Adventures talking about his remote life as a legal professional from different locations of the world, such as Bordeaux, Cape Town, Thailand, South of France, London and many more. Intrigued already?

Here are some topics that we covered:

  • Remote work (even from different locations) does not always look different when it comes to workdays
  • At the weekends you truly feel the benefits of being in another location and it is there where it all comes alive and gets exciting.
  • He and his family is another example of how remote work brings families and people together
  • Remote work provides so much more opportunities, avenues and abilities to reinvent yourself.
  • Being part of the day to day of a business is critical in your professional work - he sat with customer care and sales team to understand more about their challenges
  • Much more :D

Alexander Stylianoudis is the Head of Legal & Finance at GooseChase Adventures and former Legal & Financial Executive at WiFi Tribe. He has 5 years of commercial legal and financial experience, working predominantly with startups (Series A stage) and specializes in US/UK Tax Law & International Corporate Governance. Alex is the holder of an LPC, MSc, GDL & BA (Hons) and identifies himself as an extremely motivated individual with good analytical and interpersonal skills.

Alex's contact details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stylia/

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