#23 Trisha Banya, Technology and Startup Lawyer - About the Discipline in Working Remotely And the Role of Legal Tech Solutions


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Focusing today on an innovative subject, we discussed with Trisha Banya, a technology and startup lawyer living in Tallinn, Estonia, about what it takes to be a remote lawyer and how legal tech solutions can improve the quality of the legal activity.

Originally from Uganda, Trisha owns the title of Masters of Arts in information technology Law obtained from the University of Tartu. She then decided to remain in Estonia and help technology startups make their way within the legal hustle.

We have touched upon many exciting subjects such as:

  • how clients are today open to remote lawyering as they have adjusted to life being primarily online
  • as part of her remote work, she handles a lot of international clients, supports technology startups, does in-house legal work and many other exciting activities
  • with the hour that she saved from commuting, she has more time to unwind, read, journal, and undertake more activities from the non-legal related space
  • why she believes that with technology the work will change, but we will never run out of clients

Trisha Banya is a lawyer passionate about world-changing tech and game-changing companies. Her five favourite things are:

1. Tech and Startup Law

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Trading and Investment(VC/Angel)

4. Real Estate/Property and Service Design

5. Creativity and Innovation

Trisha's contact details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trisha-banya-a58471127/

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