Living and Working in a Warzone, Afghanistan with Rich Walton


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Afghanistan, 7,500 miles away from Arkansas, Afghanistan has been conquered and reconquered over the millennia only to return to its natural state. Religion, orthodoxy, and corruption run wild. Yet, these people live there every day, commuting to work in big cities and sometimes on foot. Are their lives that much different?
Can they call themselves a different type of human being, or are they just like us? Do they live their life just like we do, with the same complications? Richard Walton is a world traveler. And has been there many times and negotiated with the good, the bad, and the ugly to help people who need it.
Richard Walton is a civilian contractor who worked in Afghanistan to rebuild the country to help educate the people and make a little coin. His story and some answers to our questions in this podcast.
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